Skin Care CPSR

We work closely with our clients to understand their individual needs and design their spaces to suit their individual wishes. Our services include: creating a unique and memorable mood-board for your house or space, designing a custom design proposal, and rendering the design proposal to capture its essence.

round clear glass on white paper
round clear glass on white paper

  1. Bath Oils: Bath oils add a layer of luxury to your bath and moisturize your skin. Look for oils infused with essential oils or botanical extracts for a more pampering experience.

  2. Bath Milk: Similar to bath oils, bath milk is a milky, often luxurious bath soak that hydrates and nourishes the skin. They often come in soothing scents like lavender or chamomile.

  3. Bath Fizzies: Similar to bath bombs, bath fizzies dissolve in your bathwater, releasing color and fragrance. They are often smaller than bath bombs and may create less mess.

  4. Bath Melts: These solid bath products melt slowly in your bathwater, releasing their fragrance and oils. They are a great way to add a touch of luxury and aromatherapy to your bath.

  5. Foaming Bath Butter: Foaming bath butters combine the moisturizing properties of bath butter with thešŸ«§ bubbles of a bubble bath. They are a luxurious way to cleanse and hydrate your skin at the same time.

  6. Exfoliating Bath Soak: Bath soaks that include exfoliating ingredients like oatmeal or sugar can help remove dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling smoother and softer.

  7. Bath Confetti: Small, decorative pieces of bath confetti can add a festive touch to your bath. They often dissolve in the water, releasing color or fragrance.

  8. Micellar Bath: Micellar technology is often used in facial cleansers, but it can also be found in bath soaks. Micellar water helps cleanse the skin without stripping it of its natural oils.

  9. Shower Steamers: These small discs are placed in the shower tray and release a burst of fragrance as the hot water hits them. They are a great way to add aromatherapy to your shower routine.

  10. Bath Poufs: A bath pouf helps create a luxurious lather from your bath wash or shower gel and gently exfoliates your skin.

  11. Bath Bombs: These fizzing bath treats come in various scents and colors and often contain essential oils, cocoa butter, and other skin-nourishing ingredients. They dissolve in your bathwater, releasing their fragrance and softening the water.

  12. Bubble Bath: A classic bath time treat, bubble bath creates a layer of fragrant bubbles that add a touch of fun and relaxation to your bath.

  13. Bath Salts: Mineral-rich bath salts come in various formulations to target different concerns. Epsom salts are known for relaxation and muscle tension relief, while Dead Sea salts can help improve skin texture and circulation.

The design process

Contact us to set up a meeting to discuss the details of your project, so that we can help you to uncover what your dream home looks like. As a first step, we'll thoroughly research the best style to suit your space, budget, and unique needs. Next, we'll develop a mood board that will help you to better visualize our ideas. Once we receive your approval on our vision, we'll move onto creating a series of design proposals. In the final step, your favorite proposal will then be flawlessly rendered in our programs to give you a virtual, but very realistic image of your newly-designed home.